Summer Blockbuster

Longtime back, I had read in a Tom Cruise interview that during summer time, we always look forward to mind-blowing blockbuster movies. I quite agree with him. This may be because the heat and holidays fan the inner fan out…I think, having an awesome summer is defined by two things: going on a relaxing vacation and watching a (few) wonderful movie (sometimes, even a football or cricket tournament does the trick too).

In 2017, however, I’m still in search of a blockbuster (though it has been provided by something else, a real-life crime story, about which I will post another blog) – a movie which will result in my allegiance to a new fandom. There have been a few good films which I liked watching during their run time.  However, their charisma ended as soon as I walked out of the theater.

Tomorrow, I am going to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming with the expectation that may this be the end of my search for the summer blockbuster on silver screen? The enthusiasm and excitement are same as I used to have during my teenage years before the Tobey McGuire Spidey movies.

Do you feel the same about the recent releases, that they lacked punch? Or do you find Wonder Woman as the movie of Summer’17?


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