Explaining My MIA Mode 

Using this Italian word – MIA – to explain my Missing-In-Action mode since my last post in circa 2012.

What have I been doing in the interim period…A little catching up before more serious blog posts follow.

What have I been doing? 

Bringing discipline back to my life.

This meme pretty much explains it all. Yes, I have been struggling to maintain a full-time job, have a social life, and find time to work out. (Universe, it won’t harm you if you throw in a rope in the form of a million dollar lottery winning so that I can chill.) This routine is exhausting, but the results are worth struggling for. (I will document my journey from 88 kg to 66 kg in different blog posts as I take up my yoga challenge from 8 July 2017. This challenge is part of my commitment to leading a disciplined life.)

Going back to a disciplined life is not an easy task. Because it is very difficult to convince people (whom you care for and who also care about you) that everything is fine, and this not-so-seemingly-normal behavior is actually normal. Those who understand this, it’s fine; those who don’t, that’s fine as well.

How I achieved my goal? 

  • ‌Prioritized tasks (professional and personal) based on need/importance
  • ‌Learned the art of direct communication
  • ‌Worked on having an assertive approach rather than an aggressive one

The above three points helped me organize my day, and find time and energy for doing things which used to be listed down as new year resolutions (every year!!).
Now that I have become used to discipline again, I can focus back on certain things which were/are closer to heart such as writing and taking vacations.

Do you also struggle to maintain a balance in life? What methods have you devised to deal with it? Are you also prone to as much drama as described above? Let me know as I also need to learn.



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